Note for applicants from other EU countries

hms mainly supports applicants from Germany. In exceptional cases we also approve projects from other EU countries. Prerequisites are:

  1. The application has to be written in German. It must include a description of the project and an introduction of the host institution, both in German. Documents, including foremost the reasons for the application, must be translated, if applicable, or at least provided in English.
  2. The application must include evidence for the non-profit status of the institution in its country, the statutes of the institution, and the responsible persons. (The supporting documents must be in the language of the country with a translation into either English or German). It is beneficial if the host institution is a member of international organisation (e. g. ILGA) or has previously cooperated with German non-profit organisations.
  3. Furthermore, the applicant must have a homepage in German or English.
  4. For the reimbursement original paper receipts must be provided.
  5. The applicant must be able to conduct any correspondence about the application in German or English.
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